Sunday, 24 August 2014

Sthree Shakthi: A Project by AIDI

The women of Dundahera Village, Haryana , are a microcosm for the many working women living in rural areas in India.
Just like many other villages in India, the families in Dundahera cannot manage on the man’s salary alone.
So, many of these women work as domestic workers, factory workers and in other minimum wage jobs.
The launch of the Sthree Shakti program, which quite literally means “The Power of The Female”, saw the participation of fifty women who continue to associate with AIDI.
The key element this project focused on was awareness. It is important for those we are trying to help to trust that we have their better interests in mind.
These women hold in their hands the ability to impact their families for the better, as a group of women they hold the key to the upliftment of the community.
This is something that the women of Dundahera have begun to understand.
Another aspect that working women in rural areas who also establish and run households need to be made to understand is that they are in the position to control both the financial and physical health of their families.
A woman who understand the important of hygiene, sanitation and education cannot help but integrate those elements into her family life.
Also, their community leader shared her experiences of being associated with AIDI and how that has impacted her life.

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