Thursday, 5 March 2015

AIDI adopted Yamuna Basin Village for integrated development in agriculture

Organic farming has gained momentum in India over the past few years. AIDI is helping farmers across India to cope up with the advancements in the industry and help sustain high quality in their produce. These workshops are designed for and targeted to participants in the AIDI community, but are free and open to anyone interested. They are intended to give apprentices and other young, beginning, and aspiring farmers the chance to visit other farms, learn from farmers about their areas of expertise, and socialize with peers, AIDI proposes the formation of Farmers’ Clubs to educate and improve basic agricultural skills and management, to promote use of bio waste and generate bio fuel for community sustainability. Also, we aim to provide technical education for watershed management, rainwater harvesting, drought area agriculture. A large number of Village Peasant Groups/ Gram Karshaka Sangam (VPG) will be strengthened and monitored by AIDI for providing various services to promote agriculture and related services in partnership with state Agriculture Ministries.  

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